How to Play:

Micro quests are fun, quick objectives designed to help you to step outside of your everyday routine. Participating in Micro Quest BINGO will inspire you to add a few extra minutes of fun to your daytime routine. (And who doesn't need a little more fun?)

-Each day between 5 and 7 am PST we will release a new, small challenge (aka a micro quest) for you to complete. 

-Each micro quest will only be available for 2 days. 

-Micro quests will correspond to a BINGO square. Complete the micro quest and mark off its corresponding square on your BINGO board.

-Mark off 5 spaces in a row diagonally, horizontally or vertically to complete Micro Quest BINGO and earn your badge. 

If you're new to Quest Scouts, welcome! Now is the perfect time to join us. (And we'd love it if you invited your friends as well.) We hope that Micro Quest BINGO is your first of many quests to come.

ATTENTION: As of Nov 2, Micro Quest BINGO is closed to newcomers. 

Available Micro Quests: