Concentration DIY Objective - Square 75



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Brighten Glenda Bergeson’s day by sending her a postcard.


This is a bit of a departure from our planned objectives, but when my mom forwarded this request from Bergeson Nursery in Minnesota, I knew I had to pass along this opportunity to do some good.

Bergeson’s Request:

Mom is in memory care but can still sing beautifully. She came out to practice with us for the open house. She would love it if you’d send her a postcard telling her you like her music! If you want to help, share this video to see if we can get her a bunch of postcards from all over.

1) (Optional) Watch the video below. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. It’s just nice to get an idea of who Glenda is.

2) Send Glenda a postcard! Wish her a nice day! Tell her you saw her video and enjoyed her singing!

Glenda Bergeson
Riverview Care Center
323 South Minnesota Street
Crookston, MN 56716

3) In the comments below, let us know that you sent the postcard!

No, sending multiple postcards from one person does not count. However, for this objective, as we want to make sure Glenda gets lots of love, if you inspire a friend to send a postcard, and they report to you they have done so, you may comment below stating that a friend (or two, or ten) has sent a postcard. Include the friends name, and they will count toward the final tally.

Attention- If posting for a friend, please use this format:

I attest that, to the best of knowledge, NAME OF FRIEND from STATE has sent a postcard to Glenda.

Sharing the original post from Bergeson Nursery of Facebook, along with a message that you’re working toward this objective, will probably help you out.

Concentration DIY Objective - Square 30



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Let's give a little! Identify a charity you feel is worth supporting and tell us about them in the comments below.


We are a group of awesome, relatively fortunate people! Let's take a moment to share some of that fortune with others. 

1) Take a few minutes to research charities in an area you care about. Starting here might help- but feel free to go in whatever direction you like.

2) Take care to research and understand where your money would go if you were to donate to that organization. Make sure it's an organization you would personally feel good giving your money to.

3) (Optional) Donate! It doesn't have to be a lot- every little bit helps. (It's also often tax deductible.)

4) Share what charity you chose, as well as what you like about that charity, in the comments below. Make sure to comment so we can be sure to count you toward our goal of 30.

Note: Scouts should post their own comments below, as we’re looking for their authorship to complete this quest. Let’s hear it from your perspective, not the perspective of a friend posting on your behalf. :-)

Concentration Photography Objective - Square 49


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Take a photograph inspired by Piccasso.


1) Take a photograph inspired by Pablo Picasso's quote below.

"Colors, like features, follow the change of the emotions."

-Pablo Picasso


Make sure to think of this photograph not only as documentation, but as art. Take a photo that you would be proud to frame and hang on a wall.

2) Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts. You can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

3) Comment below and let know you posted your photo and completed this objective, so we can be sure to count your submission toward our goal of 49.

Concentration Art Objective - Square 27



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Create index card art by responding to the provided prompt!


This micro objective is part of our "Index Card Art" series. The concept is simple. Follow the art prompt and create art using a 4x6 or 5x7 index card as your canvas. We chose index cards for two reasons. First, index cards are cheap and readily available. We don't expect that it will be difficult for any of you to procure an index card. Second, many who don't consider themselves "artists" tend to stress out about creating or sharing art. Using an index card instead of a sketch book lends itself to silliness. Have fun with the prompt! We're not looking for perfection, just a good time. You can save your index cards and look back at them over time, or throw them away. The choice is up to you!

1) Gather your supplies. You'll need an index card (4x6 or 5x7) and a set of markers. (Sharpies are our fave at Quest Scouts Central.)

2) Interpret the prompt below to make your index card art.


It's time for the show! (The GAME SHOW, that is!)


3) Share your favorite photo of your index card art on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts and #IndexCardArt. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

(Remember that all posts tagged with #QuestScouts posted on a non-private Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account will show up on our Scout Board.

4) Comment below stating that you completed the objective so we can be sure to count you toward our goal of 27. For this objective, you are encouraged to lead friends and family members in thier own index card art. You may comment below on their behalf if you make sure to share their art with us beforehand. (Please don't submit more than one of your own pieces of art... It's against the spirit of the participation goal.)

Concentration Research Micro Objective - Square 19



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Micro Objective:

Play a round of hodge podge trivia.


Trivia. It's everywhere! Your mission for this micro objective is to borrow a piece of trivia and share it with the Quest Scouts community. Then, answer someone else's piece of trivia!

1) Locate an interesting trivia source. The more interesting the source the better! 

***Optional BONUS CHALLENGE!*** Use a piece of NON-ONLINE media to locate your trivia. 
Examples of non-online sources include- Board games, page a day calendars, dinner time tv game shows. Make it more interesting than a simple Google search!

2) Post your newly found trivia question in our Facebook Group.
Make sure to cite the source you used! 

3) Give your best answer to somebody else's trivia question! Check out questions others have posted and guess the answer. 

***IMPORTANT: Please don't spoil the fun by googling the answer.***

4) Let them guess! Now that your trivia has been published, it's time to give your fellow scouts a while to answer. Even if the question is answered correctly right away, it is still fun to give others a chance to concur, or pose their own answer. 

Set a timer to remind yourself to check on your trivia question. We suggest 8 hours, but this is 100% up to you! (You could do 1 hour or 24!) When the timer is up,

5) Check in on your trivia question. If the question has been answered correctly, announce it! If the question has not been answered correctly, let the guessers (if any) know that. You may also want to give a hint at this point! Reset your timer, and repeat the process until you've received a correct answer.

6) This objective will be considered complete when 19 people have posted trivia questions AND all 19 trivia questions have been correctly answered. 


Concentration Travel Objective - Square 20



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Take a walk of fate!


1) Gather your materials! You will need:

-A "Walk of Fate" worksheet
-A six sided dice
-A pen or pencil

2) Roll your fate!

Roll your die, and record your roll on  the "Walk of Fate worksheet" by shading in the corresponding arrow. For example, if you roll a two on your first roll, you'll shade in the "left" arrow, in the left column. If you roll a five on your second row, you'll shade in the "forward" arrow, in the right column.

When you've rolled the die 15 times, your walk of fate "map" in complete!

3) Head out on a walk!

Choose a starting point. Note your first direction, and begin walking that way. While walking, look for an opportunity to head in your second noted direction. (City blocks will most likely be a convenient grid to follow here.)

Notes: Use common sense! Don't do anything dangerous! If you hit something insurmountable, modify your walk until you can continue on your path.

4) Continue on your walk, following your walk of fate, until you've finished your entire walk of fate. (All 15 directions should have been followed at this point.)

5) Take a photo to document where you ended up! Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. You can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

6) Comment below telling us about your walk of fate. How did it go? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you run into any issues? Your comment will be counted toward our goal of 20 participants of this objective.

Concentration Travel Objective - Square 12



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Sip a hot beverage at a "new to you" cafe.


1) This objective is meant to inspire you to step outside your normal routine. Identify a coffee shop or cafe that you've never been to before, that sounds like a place you might enjoy!

2) Go there! Order a hot beverage and sit down to relax for a bit.

3) Take a photo to document your experience. Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. You can also share your photo in our Facebook group.                   

4) Let us know about your experience at the "new to you" cafe in the comments below. Did you enjoy yourself? Did anything fun or interesting happen? Your comment will be counted toward our goal of 12 participants of this objective.

Concentration DIY Objective - Square 5



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Create an unusual waffle.


1) Check the fun youtube series by Jackson Bird, Will It Waffle! Jackson has created a following by "waffling" things that aren't traditionally waffled.

2) Try it yourself. Choose a non-batter food substance you think might "waffle," and do your best to waffle it.

3) Share a photo of your waffle experiment on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

4) Taste test! Comment below stating what you waffled and what you thought of it. Make sure to leave your review so we can be sure to count you toward our goal of 5.