Concentration Research Micro Objective - Square 19



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Micro Objective:

Play a round of hodge podge trivia.


Trivia. It's everywhere! Your mission for this micro objective is to borrow a piece of trivia and share it with the Quest Scouts community. Then, answer someone else's piece of trivia!

1) Locate an interesting trivia source. The more interesting the source the better! 

***Optional BONUS CHALLENGE!*** Use a piece of NON-ONLINE media to locate your trivia. 
Examples of non-online sources include- Board games, page a day calendars, dinner time tv game shows. Make it more interesting than a simple Google search!

2) Post your newly found trivia question in our Facebook Group.
Make sure to cite the source you used! 

3) Give your best answer to somebody else's trivia question! Check out questions others have posted and guess the answer. 

***IMPORTANT: Please don't spoil the fun by googling the answer.***

4) Let them guess! Now that your trivia has been published, it's time to give your fellow scouts a while to answer. Even if the question is answered correctly right away, it is still fun to give others a chance to concur, or pose their own answer. 

Set a timer to remind yourself to check on your trivia question. We suggest 8 hours, but this is 100% up to you! (You could do 1 hour or 24!) When the timer is up,

5) Check in on your trivia question. If the question has been answered correctly, announce it! If the question has not been answered correctly, let the guessers (if any) know that. You may also want to give a hint at this point! Reset your timer, and repeat the process until you've received a correct answer.

6) This objective will be considered complete when 19 people have posted trivia questions AND all 19 trivia questions have been correctly answered.