Concentration Travel Objective - Square 20



This objective is complete as of




Take a walk of fate!


1) Gather your materials! You will need:

-A "Walk of Fate" worksheet
-A six sided dice
-A pen or pencil

2) Roll your fate!

Roll your die, and record your roll on  the "Walk of Fate worksheet" by shading in the corresponding arrow. For example, if you roll a two on your first roll, you'll shade in the "left" arrow, in the left column. If you roll a five on your second row, you'll shade in the "forward" arrow, in the right column.

When you've rolled the die 15 times, your walk of fate "map" in complete!

3) Head out on a walk!

Choose a starting point. Note your first direction, and begin walking that way. While walking, look for an opportunity to head in your second noted direction. (City blocks will most likely be a convenient grid to follow here.)

Notes: Use common sense! Don't do anything dangerous! If you hit something insurmountable, modify your walk until you can continue on your path.

4) Continue on your walk, following your walk of fate, until you've finished your entire walk of fate. (All 15 directions should have been followed at this point.)

5) Take a photo to document where you ended up! Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. You can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

6) Comment below telling us about your walk of fate. How did it go? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you run into any issues? Your comment will be counted toward our goal of 20 participants of this objective.