Concentration DIY Objective - Square 30



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Let's give a little! Identify a charity you feel is worth supporting and tell us about them in the comments below.


We are a group of awesome, relatively fortunate people! Let's take a moment to share some of that fortune with others. 

1) Take a few minutes to research charities in an area you care about. Starting here might help- but feel free to go in whatever direction you like.

2) Take care to research and understand where your money would go if you were to donate to that organization. Make sure it's an organization you would personally feel good giving your money to.

3) (Optional) Donate! It doesn't have to be a lot- every little bit helps. (It's also often tax deductible.)

4) Share what charity you chose, as well as what you like about that charity, in the comments below. Make sure to comment so we can be sure to count you toward our goal of 30.

Note: Scouts should post their own comments below, as we’re looking for their authorship to complete this quest. Let’s hear it from your perspective, not the perspective of a friend posting on your behalf. :-)