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Brighten Glenda Bergeson’s day by sending her a postcard.


This is a bit of a departure from our planned objectives, but when my mom forwarded this request from Bergeson Nursery in Minnesota, I knew I had to pass along this opportunity to do some good.

Bergeson’s Request:

Mom is in memory care but can still sing beautifully. She came out to practice with us for the open house. She would love it if you’d send her a postcard telling her you like her music! If you want to help, share this video to see if we can get her a bunch of postcards from all over.

1) (Optional) Watch the video below. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. It’s just nice to get an idea of who Glenda is.

2) Send Glenda a postcard! Wish her a nice day! Tell her you saw her video and enjoyed her singing!

Glenda Bergeson
Riverview Care Center
323 South Minnesota Street
Crookston, MN 56716

3) In the comments below, let us know that you sent the postcard!

No, sending multiple postcards from one person does not count. However, for this objective, as we want to make sure Glenda gets lots of love, if you inspire a friend to send a postcard, and they report to you they have done so, you may comment below stating that a friend (or two, or ten) has sent a postcard. Include the friends name, and they will count toward the final tally.

Attention- If posting for a friend, please use this format:

I attest that, to the best of knowledge, NAME OF FRIEND from STATE has sent a postcard to Glenda.

Sharing the original post from Bergeson Nursery of Facebook, along with a message that you’re working toward this objective, will probably help you out.