Phase Three


You've been at this for at least two months and you've got a plan to get to the finish line. For some people, the final push is the hardest part. The most important thing to do at this point is stay focused.


1) Refer to your attack plan at least once a week. 

2) Steadily reach toward your goal. While reviewing your attack plan, make sure you've accomplished enough to keep you on track. If not, double down to gain more progress. 

3) Depending on your goal and the amount of progress you've already made, this process may take several months. Keep up updated on your progress by posting to Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScoutsPQ. (Please don't use the tag #QuestScouts for this phase.)

4) Stay focused until you complete your goal. Phase Four is for the win, so make sure to head over there when you're close to your goal.

Two Months of Action

Great job! You've committed to changing your life for the better over the next few months. (If you haven't chosen your goal yet, go here.) Your personal quest is unique, but we're all in this together. 

The 60 Day Challenge acts under the assumption that "slow and steady wins the race." Lets ease into our goals by making them a part of our daily routines. 

In order to complete phase one, our objective is to choose a mini goal to consistently complete over the next 60 days! Our mini goal should help propel us toward completing our larger goal. 

This is a HUGE DEAL! Choosing our 60 Day Challenge mini goal is a balancing act between choosing something meaningful yet not too difficult. 


Personal Quest Image for Web-01.png

The 60 Day Challenge will help us get over our initial hump in working toward our Personal Quest goal.. Some days we'll want to skip our challenge, but (hopefully) knowing that we must complete our mini goal for 60 days in a row in order to complete Phase I will motivate us to push through our mental blocks.

Mini 60 Day Challenge trackers are on their way to all Scout Pack subscribing members in January's Scout Pack, and are also available in the Scout Store.  As another bonus to our members, a 8.5x11 PDF version of the tracker is available to download and print in the members only downloads section


1) Choose a mini goal that adheres to the following criteria.

Your mini goal should:

A- Compliment and help you work toward your larger, Personal Quest goal.

B- Be something that you believe you can consistently accomplish every day for the next 60 days.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Sketch for 15 minutes.

Write at least 100 words.

Meditate before 10am.

2) Leave your mini goal in the comments below. 

3) Post your goal to any social media account with the tags #questscouts and #personalquest.

4) Track your progress as you complete the 60 Day Challenge.

You can use a 60 Day Challenge Tracker, or track your progress on a calendar. 

5) You've completed the 60 Day Challenge when you've completed your mini goal for 60 days.

While in an ideal world you would complete your mini goal for 60 consecutive days, we know that's not always realistic. 

Completing the 60 Day Challenge can be done non-consecutively. No need to start over if you miss a day.

7) Let us know you've completed your goal by commenting below!  

8) When you're done, and only when you're done, move on to Phase Two!

What is YOUR Personal Quest?

The Personal Quest is designed to help us focus on and achieve a single, individual goal. 

It's time to do some introspective work. Lets look at our lives and assess where we are, and where we want to go. Of course, there may be several places we want to go and things we want to make happen. Do a gut check and choose one goal to focus on for The Personal Quest. Make sure your goal meets the criteria listed below.




Personal Quest Criteria


Don't pick a goal that is private to you, as we'll be sharing out goal and progress along the way.

-Big, but not TOO BIG

Your goal should take you between 6-8 months to complete. Choose an important (to you) but realistically achievable goal. 


Your goal should be specific. Instead of "become a better programmer," say "create a functional website from scratch using ruby on rails." Instead of saying "get in shape," say "be able to do 100 pushups and 15 chin ups." 


Make sure to take stock of yourself, both mentally and physically. Don't take on something that isn't right for you. If you need to, consult a medical or mental health professional before starting out on this journey.

Find Your Quest 

& Write It Out



1) Find Your Quest

Keeping the four criteria in mind, what would you like to achieve in the next six months? 

2) Write It Out

Write out your Personal Quest in measurable details. 


For my Personal Quest I will have read 12 non-fiction books totaling at least 3,500 pages.

For my Personal Quest, I will train for and run in an organized 5K event.

Make sure to write your goal someplace physical where you can refer to it often. For those of you with 2015 Badge Books* there is a space on The Personal Quest page for this purpose.

*While we're re-running this quest in 2016, the personal quest originated in 2015 and is thus, technically, a series one badge.

3) Let's Do This!

Once you've decided on your goal, please share it in both of the following ways.

A) Leave your goal in the comments below. (Note: Comments will be disabled February 1, 2015. You must start your personal quest before then.)

B) Post your goal to Instagram or Twitter with the tags #questscouts and #personalquest.

4) (Optional) Invite A Friend

Many of your friends will be using this time of year to start new resolutions. Why not offer them a bit of extra support by asking them to combine their resolution with the Personal Quest? Having a buddy work on the PQ along side you will help keep you motivated to see this through until the end.


Phase Two


Woo hoo, you completed to 60 Day Challenge! Congratulations. Staying on track is NOT an easy task, and you should feel proud of yourself for getting this far. Now that you've made it here, it is time to assess where you are in relation to your goal. 


1) Write your "Attack Plan"

After completing the 60 Day Challenge, how far are you from your goal? 

Take out a sheet of paper and write out the steps you need to take to accomplish your goal.

No detail is too small to document here. 

For example, If your goal is to run a 5k, imagine EVERYTHING that needs to be done between now and the race. This may start with things like "Sign up for a race," and end with "Run the race." Don't forget details like booking the flight, making sure you have the right shoes, training from 2-3 every other day, and so on. 

Note: You may even want to record steps you've already taken during your 60 Day Challenge. The choice is up to you.

2) Comment below and let us know that you finished your plan. 

3) Move on to Phase Three!