What is YOUR Personal Quest?

The Personal Quest is designed to help us focus on and achieve a single, individual goal. 

It's time to do some introspective work. Lets look at our lives and assess where we are, and where we want to go. Of course, there may be several places we want to go and things we want to make happen. Do a gut check and choose one goal to focus on for The Personal Quest. Make sure your goal meets the criteria listed below.




Personal Quest Criteria


Don't pick a goal that is private to you, as we'll be sharing out goal and progress along the way.

-Big, but not TOO BIG

Your goal should take you between 6-8 months to complete. Choose an important (to you) but realistically achievable goal. 


Your goal should be specific. Instead of "become a better programmer," say "create a functional website from scratch using ruby on rails." Instead of saying "get in shape," say "be able to do 100 pushups and 15 chin ups." 


Make sure to take stock of yourself, both mentally and physically. Don't take on something that isn't right for you. If you need to, consult a medical or mental health professional before starting out on this journey.

Find Your Quest 

& Write It Out



1) Find Your Quest

Keeping the four criteria in mind, what would you like to achieve in the next six months? 

2) Write It Out

Write out your Personal Quest in measurable details. 


For my Personal Quest I will have read 12 non-fiction books totaling at least 3,500 pages.

For my Personal Quest, I will train for and run in an organized 5K event.

Make sure to write your goal someplace physical where you can refer to it often. For those of you with 2015 Badge Books* there is a space on The Personal Quest page for this purpose.

*While we're re-running this quest in 2016, the personal quest originated in 2015 and is thus, technically, a series one badge.

3) Let's Do This!

Once you've decided on your goal, please share it in both of the following ways.

A) Leave your goal in the comments below. (Note: Comments will be disabled February 1, 2015. You must start your personal quest before then.)

B) Post your goal to Instagram or Twitter with the tags #questscouts and #personalquest.

4) (Optional) Invite A Friend

Many of your friends will be using this time of year to start new resolutions. Why not offer them a bit of extra support by asking them to combine their resolution with the Personal Quest? Having a buddy work on the PQ along side you will help keep you motivated to see this through until the end.