Quest by Number - Week Four

Why are gifts for "special occasions"?

During week two, we challenged you to send a postcard to a loved one. Two weeks later, we're upping the ante! That's right, we want you to send a small, "just because" gift. No, not a birthday present. Not a graduation, anniversary, late Christmas or any other "special occasion" gift. Make this a true "out of the blue" surprise!

1- Choose a loved one who might enjoy a snail mail surprise.

2- Find a gift! Now, this doesn't have to be something big! The "surprise" aspect is the most important part. Ideas for small gifts include a barrel of monkeys, a sweet bookmark or maybe a space pen!

3- (Optional) Prior to sending, snap a photo of your snail mail surprise and post it on Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook Group. If using Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #QuestScouts, #QuestByNumber and #SnailMail.

Pro tip: If you think the recipient might see it, delay the post until they've received it!

4- Send the package!

While this micro objective might take a little longer than the rest, it's a really fun one! Doing this is gaurenteed to bring a smile to someone's face. So, who are you going to send a snail mail surprise?

What jams have you been into lately?

Around Quest Scouts Central, we've been listening to the music of Ben Howard non-stop. If you're not familiar with his work, today's micro objective will get you started. (You should also consider checking out his song "Old Pine". You won't regret it...)

1- Watch this video of Ben Howard singing his song "Only Love" to a surprise crowd of his fans. Even if Howard's music isn't your things, you will most likely be able to appreciate the energy exchanged between the musician and his fans during this special moment.

2- Ponder the following:

If you could attend any hypothetical intimate concert...

a) Whose would it be?

b) Where would it be?

c) Who would you bring along for the adventure?

Take your time to come up with an awesome answer. Remember, since this isn't necessarily going to happen, you can dream as big as you want here.

3- E-mail us at and tell us your answer!