Quest by Number - Week Eight

It's the final week of Quest by Numbers!

Yay! This week is all about love for ourselves. When you love someone, you show that love through kindness and affection. All too often we indulge in negative self talk. We focus on the parts of ourselves we don't like, while ignoring what makes us special. This objective is designed to help us reflect on (and remember) what makes us awesome. This might seem like a silly exercise- and maybe it is... but that doesn't mean it's not important! (You just might learn something about yourself while completing this micro objective!)

1- Grab your journal one last time. (One last time for this quest, that is!)

2- Time to prep! Set a timer for 10 minutes or more. At the top of your journal page, write "Reasons I'm Awesome," "Things I LOVE About Me," or something else along those lines.

Tip: I might be fun to challenge yourself to come up with a particular number of reasons you're awesome. Can you come up with 50? 100?

3- Use your allotted to fill your paper with tons of reasons, big and small, that you're awesome. (I'm sure there are plenty to choose from!)

And that's it! When the timer goes off (or you've hit your numbers goal) stop. Remember to save your list, as it will come in handy for Thursday's micro objective... See you then!

This is it!

This is the final objective for Quest by Numbers. (Pat yourself on the back for making it this far!) This micro objective will create a little reminder to continue to think highly of yourself. You're amazing, so don't forget it!

1- Print out the "Why I'm Awesome" mini poster. You can print a half sheet or a full sheet. (Note: If you'd rather not print the sheet, you can re-create it by hand.)

4- Choose your top ten favorite reasons you're awesome. (If you did the other week eight micro objective, you should reference the list you made.)

5- Fill in your poster with your top ten reasons.

6- Hang your poster somewhere you can reference it often.

As two great men, John and Hank Green, often say, "Don't Forget to Be Awesome!"

And just like that, we're done! As soon as you've earned all eight colors by completing at least one of two weekly Quest by Number micro objectives, you've earned your badge. It's time to display it with pride! (If you don't have one yet, you can get one in the Scout Store.)

Thank you for completing this journey with us. Now, on to the next quest!