Quest by Number - Week Five

How do you feel about poetry?

Poetry can be divisive. While some people appreciate the form of literature, others can't stand it. No matter where you fall on the poetry love/hate spectrum, today's micro objective can be a fun one if you embrace it. (And really, we couldn't have an entire quest about love and not introduce a poetry objectve...)

1- Choose a subject you love. You can go for a person, a place, an activity... choose anything, as long as you love it! As we'll be writing a haiku, you could go the traditional route and choose something you love that can be observed in nature.

2- Write a haiku about the subject you chose. Why a haiku? Haikus are short, structured and fun while at the same time, they can be packed with beauty and meaning. (Need a haiku refresher? Check out this video!)

3- Share your love poem! If your poem was about a person, consider giving it to them. You can also share your poem online. We don't care where you share it, as long as you put it out into the world!

When was the last time you "dated"?

The cliche dinner and a movie? Or maybe an engaged conversation over tea? A well planned date shows someone that you really care about them. As a bonus, it's far more exciting then the awkward "Hey, now we're together... What should we do?" situation. (Admittedly, that's a judgement call... Feel free to disagree!)

When we're talking dates here, we're not exclusively referring to romance. Not all dates are romantic, and not all people desire romance in their lives!

1- Choose a loved one who you'd like to spend some quality time with.

2- Plan a date that you feel both you and your loved one would enjoy.

2- Ask your loved one on a date. Text, call, e-mail, ask in person- whatever works! Just ask your special someone out.

IMPORTANT: Include the who, what, where, when and why of your date when you propose it. Don't just say "let's do something sometime." Instead say something like, "Hey! Want to go play glow-in-the-dark mini golf with me next Sunday? We could go to the arcade and play ski-ball afterward. I'll buy tokens!"

4- That's it! Once you've made the invite, you've completed this micro objective. Hopefully your date happens and turns out wonderfully! At the very least, you'll leave someone knowing that you think highly enough of them to plan and invite them on a fun outing for two.