Quest by Number - Week One

Take a minute to let this sink in... 

Today is DAY ONE of your Quest by Number journey! Over the next eight weeks, you will be presented with sixteen unique micro objectives whose purpose is to help you connect with your family, your friends, your community and yourself.

This quest is intentionally designed to release micro objectives over a long period of time. If we presented them all immediately, it would be easy enough to finish them over a weekend. However, it is our intention that during the next two months, we will subtly influence you to focus on making time for yourself and those you cherish most.

Enough talking already! Let's get to it!

1- Get comfy and crack open your journal.

2- Choose a time minimum for this exercise. This is 100% up to you, so make sure it fits with your personality. Some do best when I set a timer and write until the timer goes off, as it helps them stay focused. You could also use a song playlist as a timer of sorts. Or, you may want to skip the time limit altogether.

3- Make a list of all of the people who you love. Hopefully, this will end up being a looooooong list. Consider all of the people you've known, past and present. Consider all of the different ways there are to love a person. Romantic love, familial love, friend love, gratitude love, compassion love. You may even consider adding people you've never met! List as many people as you can think of.

4- When you are done with your list, respond to the following prompts:

What thoughts and feelings came up as you wrote your love list?

What is one thing you could do today to honor these thoughts and feelings?


And that's it! When you've finished the love list and responded to the prompts, you're done with your first objective! Go ahead and fill in all of the 1's on your Quest by Numbers coloring page light grey.

Of course, you could choose to skip this objective if it's not your thing. Your next micro objective will show up on Thursday, and is your second chance to earn the "light grey" color!

Happy Thursday Quest Scouts!

How's it going? Did you complete the "Love List" journal exercise? If not, it's not too late! Remember, to earn this weeks color and fill it in on your Quest by Number page, you must complete one of this week's two micro objectives. So, if you're more inspired by today's objective than Tuesday's, do this one instead! (Or hey, do both!)

Today, we're going to take some time to slow down and complete a coloring page. The page itself is nice and simple, so feel free to get eccentric with your color choices!

1- Download the "Sooooo Much Love" coloring page by clicking here! Then, print it out. (Don't hit "fit to page.")

2- The coloring page is purposefully half the size of a sheet of paper. This is because this is a micro objective, and a larger sheet would have taken significantly more time. Fold the 8.5x11 sheet in half and you'll be ready to go.

3- Choose your medium and dive in! Colored pencils, felt pens, crayons- anything goes!

4- Color in the "Soooooo Much Love" coloring page until every heart is full.

5- Post your finished product on Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook Group. If using Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #QuestScouts, #QuestByNumber and #SooooooMuchLove.


We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!