Quest by Number - Week Seven

Have you chosen to CONNECT yet?

A "CONNECT" micro objective is one that inspires you to reach out to another human being. (After all, isn't that a huge part of what the good parts of life are all about?) So far, we've asked you to send a postcard, give a gift, and plan a date! As you've been offered a choice between two micro objectives each, it's very possible that even if you're stayed "current" with this quest, you haven't chosen a "CONNECT" action. This micro objective is your chance to change that! (Or, to add to the connections you've been making!)

1- This is an easy one! Choose a cherished friend or loved one you haven't talked to in a while, and whose current contact information you have. 

2- Send your loved one an I love you text! Let them know you've been thinking about them and that you care about them.

And that's it! We told you this one an easy one! While this is a simple micro objective, the impact, for both you and your loved one, can be huge. Go ahead, make someone's day!

What do you want out of this year?

You didn't expect us to ask you such a deep question on a Thursday, did you? (Quest Scouts... always keeping you on your toes!) It's time for a healthy dose of soul searching... but don't worry, you'll get to color while you do it.

1- Download the "Felt Tipped Reflection" abstract coloring page by clicking here! Then, print it out. (Don't hit "fit to page.")

2- The coloring page is purposefully half the size of a sheet of paper. This is because this is a micro objective, and a larger sheet would have taken significantly more time. Fold the 8.5x11 sheet in half and you'll be ready to go.

3- Choose your medium! Colored pencils, felt pens, crayons- anything goes!

4- (Optional) Set the mood! Do this in whatever way you want. We're going to be doing some reflection here, so consider some soft music.

5- Get ready to consider the following question:

In one years time, where would you like to be?

This question is intentionally vague to allow you to take it in whatever direction feels right to you.

6- Color as you ponder. Yep! Begin coloring in the abstract image while contemplating the prompt. Continue until the image is completely filled in.

7- Post your finished product on Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook Group. If using Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #QuestScouts, #QuestByNumber and #Reflection.

8- When you share, include the following (with the ending completed) in the text of your post.

In one years time, I hope to...

Can't wait to see your art and hear about your short(ish) term goals!