Quest by Number - Week Six

Did you reach out last week?

Last week, we challenged you to ask someone on a date. The objective wasn't so much about creating the "perfect" date scenario, but in showing someone you love that you care about them while hopefully carving out some space to spend time together. Today, we're moving from social to solitary, and folding our own origami hearts!

1- Gather your paper. You'll need a square piece of paper cut into a square. (The more precisely cut the better.)

2- Choose your instructions! There are a ton of folding instructions for origami hearts online. Do a quick search for "origami heart instructions," and choose whichever you prefer. (Personally, we think this two color heart is pretty sweet.)

2- Ask your loved one on a date. Text, call, e-mail, ask in person- whatever works! Just ask your special someone out.

3- Fold your heart! Do your best to follow your chosen instructions and fold your heart. Take your time, but don't let this objective get stressful.

4- Post a photo of your finished product on Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook Group. If using Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #QuestScouts, #QuestByNumber and #FoldedHeart.

Happy folding!

What's your favorite podcast?

The podcast revolution is here. Both the quality and quantity of podcasts seem to be increasing at an exponential pace. With so many amazing, quality podcasts to listen to, it's impossible to sample everything there is to offer. Let's help each other find great new listening oppurtunities! This micro quest will allow you to share which podcasts you love, allowing the whole group to discover new shows to listen to.

Note: If you are new to podcasts, feel free to skip #1 and 2.

1- Fill in the blanks with three different podcasts:

  • The newest (to me) podcast I've listened to is... I'd give it a .../5 stars.
  • If I could only ever listen to one podcast for the rest of time, it would be...
  • I think every Quest Scout should check out ... because ...
  • An awesome podcast you might not have heard of is ...

2- Go to this page and post your answers in the comment section.

3- Choose a podcast you've never listened to from the comment section and listen to at least 10 minutes of it.

This micro objective will become more and more valuable as more people participate! Consider bookmarking the page and coming back to it again a year from now!