Quest by Number - Week Three

You're Welcome, in advance...

...because you'll probably have the awesomeness that is Julie Andrews looping in your head all day long. If you need a bit of reinforcement, go ahead and watch this clip from The Sound of Music. It's not required, but will help you get into the spirit of this "favorite things" focused micro objective.

1- Grab your journal and settle in.

2- Start at the very beginning. It's a very god place to start... (Sorry! We couldn't help it!) Start your journal page with the heading "100 Things I Love." We'll think you're extra cool if you draw a heart in lieu of writing the word "love."

3- Start listing! It's pretty self explanatory- make a list of 100 things you love!

For example, your list might include 1) Lakes, 2) Geocaching, 3) Snow Cones... and so on!

The Nitty Gritty:

-This should be a list of things, not people.

-Make sure you list 100 things! No more, no less.

Pro tip: If you run out of steam, don't fret. This is the type of exercise that you can work on over time. If you stall out at 64 things, wait a day or too, come back, and continue from there.


And that's it! This exercise will be difficult for some, and simple for others. Take note of which camp you fall into, and think about whether that's a good thing, or something you'd like to work on! (Repeating this exercise throughout the year might help you stay mindful of what makes you happy.)

You want me to what?!

Yep, it's time to sketch! Anecdotally, the majority of Quest Scouts consider themselves non-artists. When asked to put pencil to paper, some of you outwardly balk at the idea.

Here's the thing though: Sketching is good for the soul! It doesn't matter if you're bad at it- what matters is that you put your head down, focus, and let your pencil do the talking... er, drawing. Consider it an almost meditative practice, if that helps.

The cool thing is, after your done, you can throw your sketch away! And you never have to share it with anybody if you don't want to!

Ok, onto the micro objective!

1- You'll need paper and a pencil, pen or writing instrument of your choice. Get as fancy or as plain as you'd like. If you're feeling bold, you could sketch directly into your journal.

2- Choose 10 things that make you happy. (If you did last Tuesday's "100 Things I Love" list, you can pull your things from there!)

3- Draw em'! Yep, all 10 of them. As you draw, think about why each item makes you happy.

4- (Optional) You don't HAVE to share your sketches, but it would be awesome if you did! Even if they're not exactly what you'd like them to be, they're yours, and that's special in its own way. So consider sharing the love. Take a photo of your sketch and post to Twitter, Instagram or the Quest Scouts Facebook Page. If using Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #QuestScouts, #QuestByNumber and #DrawYourLove.