Quest by Number - Week Two

Hey there beautiful people!

We're a week in! That means, assuming you read last week's emails and followed along, you probably have a pretty good idea as to how things are going to work around here.

Just to recap: You get two e-mails a week. Each e-mail contains one micro objective. Complete at least one of the two micro objectives to earn that week's color, then fill in the corresponding spaces with that color on your quest by numbers coloring page. You'll need to earn all eight colors to complete this quest. Easy peasy!

Now, on to today's micro objective!


1- Watch Real Snail Mail, a documentary from directors Vicky Isley & Paul Smith, in its entirety.

2- Ponder the following:

If you were to utilize the "Real Snail Mail" service to its maximum potential, what message would you send, and who would you send it to?

Take your time to come up with an awesome answer. Consider how the passage of time might alter the meaning of your message, and use that to your advantage.

3- Hit reply and tell us your answer! (If your answer is too personal, feel free to come up with an alternative that isn't.)


And, as simple as that, we're done! Expect another objective on- you guessed it! Thursday!

Hello again Quest Scouts! 

Dylan here. I've got to tell you; I just can't get enough... Postcards, that is! If you've been a Quest Scout for a while, you might have noticed by now that my love for postcards is unwavering. These small, affordable, mailable, collectible rectangles of art are one of my favorite things!

As you know, the goal of Quest by Numbers is to help you find time for what's most important- your family, your friends, your community and yourself! Today's micro objective is a small gesture that will make a loved one's day.

1- Aquire your postcard!


A) Construct our "Hello!" postcard:

Step One: Download and print our "Hello" postcard. Choose either a color or black and white version. (The black and white version is perfect for coloring yourself!)

While you can print on paper, cardstock will work best.

Step Two: Cut out each "side" of the postcard, and adhere the sides together.

Note: If you're feeling overwhelmed, just use the front and keep the back blank. Then you won't need adhesive!


B) Use any postcard of your liking.

2- Choose a loved one who might enjoy an out of the blue hello.

3- (Optional) Prior to sending, snap a photo of your card and post it on Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook Group. If using Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #QuestScouts, #QuestByNumber and #4x6Love.

4- Write out a message, address the card, add the requisite postage, and stick it in the mail!


In a few days, your loved one will receive your card, and it very well might make their day! In addition to that, doing something nice for someone we care about often makes us feel good as well. Win-win!

On another note, what do you think of the "Hello!" postcard design? I really LOVE (pun intended) it, so much so that I had them printed up. If you're a member, you'll be getting one in March's Scout Pack!

Best Wishes,

Dylan, Founder of Quest Scouts