Can you relate?

Life is busy! The weeks fly by, and sometimes you find yourself wondering how to slow down and be more present. You want to make time for what's most important-

Yourself, your family, and your friends.

Yet time for self-care is too often pushed toward "later," and later never seems to come.

Quest By Numbers

Quest by Numbers is two full months of reminders to focus on what counts. This eight week quest will provide you two micro objectives per week, each of which is designed to get you to slow down and CONNECT with what matters most.

As you complete each week's micro objectives, unlock a new color and fill in your landscape. By the end of the quest, your Quest by Number masterpiece will be filled in with color, and you'll have earned your badge! 

What to Expect

1- Two new micro objectives every week.  These micro objectives will challenge you to take actions ranging from creating art, to consuming media, to writing. Each of these micro objectives will take less than 30 minutes to complete. 

2- Downloadable Quest by Number landscape coloring page. This is also available in our Series II Badge book or as a 5x7 sturdy pre-printed card. (You can find these in the Scout Store.)

3- Printables. Four of your micro objectives will offer printable materials, including coloring pages, DIY snail mail, and a fill in affirmation poster. 

4- Badges. Quest by Numbers sticky and tag badges will be available for purchase through the Scout Store. Or, become a member and recieve your badge(s) in your April Scout Pack.

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