Quest Scouts!

Dylan here! To those who don't know me, I'm the founder of Quest Scouts, as well as the author of all our quests to date. I also do all of the customer service and shipping here. I've got a couple important announcements for you, so please continue reading.

You know there is something up from the title of this message, so let’s cut to the chase. After over a year of evaluation, we’ve decided that Quest Scouts needs to make a few changes. Please read this in it's entirety if you'd like to know about these changes (and why they're being made) in detail, or just the headlines to get the gist. 

We will no longer be including a Quest Scouts related surprise in your Scout Packs.

This change will take place as of the March Scout Packs. First, let me say I know this change will bum many of you out. (In a way, it bums me out too.) It’s fun sending you a surprise each month, and a service I hope to provide in the future when Quest Scouts is a larger company.

However, we are making this change for well thought out reasons. First, arranging the “surprise” is very time intensive. About one fifth of Quest Scouts working hours go into brining you a surprise each month. As a team of two, the amount of resources we spend sourcing and sending your surprise would be better spent making sure each quest meets or exceeds our standards.

In full transparency, the decision to eliminate the surprise is also financial. Running “the numbers,” Quest Scouts is not turning a profit. In fact, even through I don’t take a paycheck, some months Quest Scouts spends more money than it takes in. While I’ve known this for a while, I have been focusing lately on our books and what can be done to make Quest Scouts sustainable. Moving Quest Scouts from red to green will allow me to make sure I can continue to contribute to this awesome community for years to come.

I’m not a numbers person, I’m a creative person. I love providing quests for you! I honestly believe that Quest Scouts is my life purpose. That’s why I am doing everything in my power to help Quest Scouts grow both as a community and a company. In order to do that, I have to start listening to my accountant.

To those I have run this change by, I have often been asked whether or not this means that we will be lowering our prices. The short answer is no, in fact…

We will be raising membership prices.

Don’t freak out! If you’re already a Quest Scout subscribing member, you will be grandfathered in to your current plan, and as long as you keep your membership current will not be charged more. We’re raising prices, because honestly they should have been higher from the start. When I launched Quest Scouts, I had no idea what I was doing. At that time, I guessed at what it would cost to run the company, and how many members Quest Scouts would acquire... I missed the mark substantially on both counts. (Did I mention I’m not a numbers guy?) Now that we’re in our third year, it’s time to take what we now know and adjust accordingly.

Note: New prices will be announced late February. The last day to become a 

All of these changes may have some of you thinking that Quest Scouts is “in danger” or ending. To those who are worried, I’m here to say...

We’re not going anywhere!

By making the changes outlined above, while continuing to grow the community, we will be on track to sustain ourselves for years to come. When I envision the future of Quest Scouts, I don’t see an “end” in sight. This community is very special, and I feel honored by those who show up month after month. I imagine an epic 10th anniversary Quest Scouts party complete with sweet limited edition badges. Hope to see you there!

So what’s to come?

Series 3 is coming soon, and I’m looking forward to revealing what we’ve got in store for you. There are so many fun quests coming your way! We’ve listened to what you have to say, and are increasing the number of special quests. We’re also making a couple highly requested changes to objectives, and even plan to bring a couple archived quests back.

Another small change to come, is the release dates of quests and badges.

We will soon be releasing both the quest and badge at the same time!

This has been a popular request, and we’re happy to do it for you. While on paper it makes sense to stagger the release of the quest and badge,  in actuality it doesn’t work very well. You want to be able display your badge as soon as you earn it, even if that’s just a week or two after the quest launches. Your wish has been granted! Starting in May with Tin Men, Scout Packs will contain the newest quest and its corresponding badge.

Thank you for reading!

As a final remark, please let me stress that none of these changes are being made lightly. They have been thought about long and hard, and I truly believe they are the best moves for the community going forward. If you’d like to let me know what you think of the upcoming changes, please email