Frequently Asked Questions 


Quests, Objectives Badges and Points

When have I completed my quest? When have I earned my badge?

Standard Quests: Every standard quest requires 1,000 points for completion. As you complete objectives, record the points you have earned. When you have earned 1,000 points, you have completed your quest.

Special Quests: Special quests may have a point requirement, and/or may call for additional requirements to be met.

Your badge has been earned the moment you have completed your quest.

Achievement Badges: Achievement badges are not directly connected to quests, and are earned by meeting a particular requirement. For example, members are eligible for the yearly achievement badge for being a member of Quest Scouts during the current year.

Do I need to prove I’ve completed my quest?

Quest Scouts relies on an honor system. While we do see your submissions as you complete objectives, we do not keep track of your points for you.

When do I display my badge?

A Quest Scouts should display a badge only after they have earned it.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned by completing objectives. When you have completed all portions of the objective record the number of points the objective is worth.

Can I earn more than 1,000 points per quest?

Yes! Some Quest Scouts, who have named themselves “completionists,” strive to earn as many points as possible. Others continue earning points as long as there are objectives that intrigue them, and stop when they are satisfied. You can earn all points available, as listed on the quest card.

Can I earn double the points by completing an objective twice?

Points exceeding the amount shown per objective cannot be collected. Should you complete the same objective twice you do not earn points for the second completion.

Can I receive partial points for completing half an objective?

Not unless directly stated on the quest page. Make sure to read and complete all portions of an objective. Unless otherwise noted, points should be collected only for completing the entirety of an objective.

Can I complete archived quests?

Nope. Points should only be collected from active quests and objectives. If a quest or objective is archived you can no longer earn points from it.

I was working on a quest but it expired before I completed it. Can I still earn my badge?

We try and give plenty of notice as to when quests will expire. If a quest expires and you have yet to earn the required amount of points, you cannot finish the quest, and thus cannot earn your badge.

I completed an objective in the past. Does it count?

Unless otherwise noted, past experiences do not count toward completing objectives. Objectives do not count as complete for activities done prior to the date you started the quest. Objectives must be completed intentionally for a quest or they do not count.

I missed that quest! Will it ever come back?

Due to popular demand we are currently working to bring back all standard Series I quests. Special quests, however, are unlikely to be available again.

I hate social media! Do I have to use Instagram or Twitter?

If social media isn’t your thing, don't use it! You can decide to opt out of social media yet still fulfill quest requirements. Just ignore any portion of an objectives requirement that asks you to post on social media, and instead leave a comment below the objective describing what you did to complete the objective.


What if another scout cheats?

Cheating is not awesome. Quest Scouts are awesome. Therefore, Quest Scouts don’t cheat.

Of course, as Quest Scouts grows there are bound to be those who cheat. Keep in mind that those who “cut corners” or flat out cheat are only cheating themselves. Focus your energy on enjoying yourself rather than worrying about what other people are doing.

That being said, if we notice blatant cheating, we reserve the right to take action.

I’m not sure if I’ve completed an objective. What should I do?

First, make sure you have completed every part of an objective as it was written. Objectives are often written in numbered sections for ease of understanding. Take the time to read each section. Have you completed each section? Good! You've completed the objective.

I’m STILL not sure if I’ve completed an objective. What should I do?

Very occasionally, even after observing all written rules of the Quest Scouts Code AND doing your best to read every part of an objective,  judgement calls need to be made as to whether or not an objective has been fulfilled.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve fulfilled an objective’s requirements, ask yourself if you feel 100% honorable claiming the points. (Seriously, do a gut check.)  If the answer is yes, you’ve fulfilled the objective. If the answer is no, try again.



Why become a member?

Members receive:

  • Exclusive access to a growing number of members only quests

  • Access to limited time achievement badges

  • Our sincere appreciation for bringing Quest Scouts closer to its goal of becoming sustainable community
    (We can't do this without you!)


Can kids participate in Quest Scouts?

Quest Scouts is first and foremost designed to enrich the life of adults. That being said, we have plenty of adult/kid teams that are enjoying Quest Scouts together. While some of the literature and videos suggested are not appropriate for some kids, many may be fine for others. Use your best judgement.

Kids and Literature/Media Objectives

As stated above, you may deem some of our literature and media objectives unsuitable for young folks. If you've got a junior scout working along side you, and there is no kid friendly option listed, you have our blessing to swap out any books, movies or documentaries for something age appropriate. Just make sure that the swap is appropriate to the quest's theme!

Note: Adults should not collect points for their kid's modified objective.