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-Fowl Play
-Up In Flames
-All The Came Before
-Epic Proportions
-Cardboard Adventures
-Prism & Light
-On The Menu
-Quest by Numbers

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-4 Elements Member Achievement Badge
-2019 Member Achievement Badge

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I love Quest Scouts because it encourages me to learn about and experience new things.  Every quest is interesting, challenging and fun!

Zoma, MN
Member since June 2015

Gerry 3.jpg

I have been a Quest Scout since the very beginning! The days that the Quest Scout package comes in the mail it's totally phenomenal (my wife tells me I act like a little kid). I love the "adventures" that I go through trying to fulfill the quests and when possible I even include my wife, my 8 year old daughter and my 2 year old son. There is truly nothing like this out there that can challenge you creatively!

Gerry, MI
Member since March 2015


 From history and art, to new cuisines and photography. There are so many interesting ways to earn points towards the badges. I also love to collect the badges, because when I look back through the book at them I remember all of the activities I completed to earn it. Quest Scouts has been a wonderful opportunity for me to tap into my creative side, and learn about so many new subjects. 

Heather , WI
Member since April 2015