Gift Certificate

Hi! The form below allows you to buy a Quest Scouts gift certificate. 


1) Gift amount and message are customizable. Choose the amount you want to give and add your own spin to the message!

2) The gift certificate will be sent instantly to the recipient via email after purchase. 

Prefer to create your own certificate? Put your personal email in the "recipient email" slot and the email will be sent to you instead of your intended recipient. You will then have access to the gift code, which you can share with your recipient in whatever way you choose.

3) Like any subscription, credit card information will be required in order for your recipient to redeem a gift certificate. When the certificate runs out, charges will switch to the card provided. 

4) Certificate funds can be used to buy anything through our membership page, but won't work on the Scout Store. This is perfect for gift memberships and membership add ons!