Micro Objective - H20 - 50



Create and capture a unique water sculpture.


1) Check out the work above by Shinichi Maruyama. Marayuma and observe how he uses motion and gravity to create ephemeral "water sculptures." 

2) Create and photograph a water sculpture of your own.

3) Share your water sculpture on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

Micro Objective - H20 - 50



Up your salt game with a pinch of "fancy" salt!


1) Obtain some fancy salt! What "counts" as fancy? Go for something other than your average table salt. Of course, there are plenty of brands to choose from, so you'll have to decide which is right for you.

2) Give your salt a try. Make dinner with your salt, eat it, and enjoy.

If you're already a salt Connoisseur, use this micro quest to get even more adventurous. Add salt to something you've never salted before. Watermelon? Chocolate? Fresh tomatoes? 

3) Let us know in the comments what you thought of your "salty experience." Could you taste the difference? Are you a fan? Or will you be going back to your Morton's for all future salt needs?


Micro Objective - H20 - 50



Challenge yourself to find all 11 "wet" movie titles with the Watery Reels word search. 


1) Download and print the H20 Watery Reels puzzle by clicking the green button below.

2) Set a timer for thirty minutes. 

3) Start the timer and start searching. Your goal is to identify as many movie titles that include bodies of water in the word search.

4) After the timer goes off (or you've found all 11 titles) stop. 

4) Report how many titles you found in the comments below.

H20 - Media - 150



Watch one of the water centered movies/documentaries from the list provided.


1) Choose and watch one of the water centered documentaries/movies listed below.

2) Let us know which  you watched and what you thought of it in the comments below. 

Life of Pi. Directed by Ang Li.

Available from Netflix DVD and Amazon Instant Video.

Flow: For The Love of Water. Directed by Irena Selina.

Available from Netflix DVD and Amazon Instant Video.

H20 - Research - 200



Conduct a "self experiment" by drinking the suggested amount of water for a week.


1) Check out the Mayo Clinic's "guidelines" for water consumption. It suggests 13 cups of water a day for men, and 9 cups for women. 

2) If you feel it is necessary, do additional research to figure out the amount of water consumption that's good for you. Record the target amount of water you feel you should be drinking per day.

3) Consume your daily target amount of water every day for a week.

4) Reflect on your water experiment in the comments below.

Did drinking your daily target worth of water make you feel any different?
Did you have to increase your water intake to meet your daily target?
Was this objective difficult or relatively easy for you? 
Will you continue to drink your daily target in the future?

H20 - Visit - 300



Go to an aquarium and share three facts you learned there.


1) Locate an aquarium. This could be a large aquarium, like The Monterey Bay Aquarium, or something a little smaller, like The Seattle Aquarium.

2) Visit the aquarium you chose. Check out the exhibits inside, read plaques, and have a good time.

3) While you're there, make sure to take note of at least three interesting facts.

4) Share your three facts with us in the comments below.

5) Post a photo of yourself at the aquarium and share it on Instagram, Twitter, or in our Facebook Group. If posting to Instagram or Twitter, use the tag #QuestScouts. (As always, using a non-private account is best so we can see what you're up to!)