Postal Game Library: An Experiment


A traveling game!

(At the moment, we've got exactly one game...) 


This should be fun! Lets keep it that way!



The Backstory:

The postal game library comes from two main inspirations.

First, this idea was inspired by the letterboxing community's "postal letterboxes," or just "postals." A postal is a hand carved stamp, which travels from person to person via the mail. A person receives the postal, stamps their personal logbook with the letterbox stamp, and then stamps the postal's logbook with their signature stamp. I've wanted to do a Quest Scouts postal for a while now, and then...

Second, there was a discussion on the Facebook forum the other day about the cost of games, and the difficulty of some to find people to play with. I thought- wouldn't it be nice if, at least in some cases, we could all share a game?

The combination of the desire to create a postal, mixed with the inspiration to share games mixed together and BAM!; The idea of the postal game library was born.

The Postal Game Library Module # 1 Includes:

1 copy of the card game Coloretto (To fulfill the Animalia games objective.)

1 Hand Carved Stamp w/ Inkpad (Thank you to Renee and company for the beautiful carve!) 

1 Logbook (To stamp with your signature stamp) 


Instructions & Rules 

1) At this time, only current US Quest Scouts subscribing members (digital, Scout Pack and Scout Pack+) are eligible for the postal game library. If all members get a chance with the game, we may then open it up to non-members.

2) You will be contacted via email to receive the box in the order you registered below.

(Note: If interested, Renee and Kathi are first in line for their help in the genesis of the library.)

3) When contacted, you must respond within two business days as to whether you still want the box.

By agreeing to receive the game library, you promise to do all that is in your power to move it along within 10 days of receiving it. 

4) If yes, than your address will be provided to the current holder of the box.

Important: While this person is a Quest Scout, they are also a stranger who has not been vetted. It is your decision as to whether you feel comfortable giving your address to someone you do not know.

5) When you receive the game, let us know! Post a selfie in the FB group, share your excitement on Instagram... whatever you like. Just get the message out.

6) Play the game! Stamp the book! Then e-mail that you're ready to move the box along.

7) You will then receive the name and address of the next recipient. 

8) Send the package! 

Note: The package is currently in a bubble wrap mailer that should be able to be reused for a while. However, you may need to replace the envelope. If so, please make sure you use a bubble wrap lined mailer, and include the Quest Scouts address as the return address.

9) This is an experiment. If the game goes missing, it most likely won't be replaced. You are not guaranteed a chance with any game presented in the postal game library. This is a gift for fun, not a precedent. Not all games, or even a game for all objectives, is guaranteed to be made available.

10) Have fun! Yeah, that was a lot of rules and instructions. But at the heart of this is an experiment. Can we all treat each other fairly, making sure 

Postal Game Library #1 "Cloloretto"

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