Postcards & Places - Art - 250

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You walk to the mailbox and open it. Inside, you notice something out of the ordinary. Nestled between the junk mail and bills, it's a handwritten postcard! The feeling of getting a piece of happy mail out of the blue is second to none. For this objective, we're going to brighten the days of four distinct groups. 



1) Gather the names and addresses you'll need to send a postcard to the four groups listed below.

2) Write, address and send your postcard(s). 

3) Tell us about your experience with this objective in the comments below. Who did you send your postcards to? How do you feel after completing this objective?

After sending a postcard to each of the four groups, collect 250 points. 

:someone in need-01.png

Send a postcard to someone who is having a hard time and could benefit from some encouragement. Let that person know that you're thinking of them and hope better times are coming their way soon. The Postcard Happiness Project has a great list of candidates to choose from if you don't have somebody in mind.

Choose someone you love and send them a postcard that reminds them of all the reasons you love them. While we may know that we are loved, being reminded of those reasons is a special experience.

Send a bit of positively out into the world without knowing exactly who will receive it. Choose an address at random and send a postcard. Make sure you explain that you're sending the postcard at random in hopes of brightening the recipient's day.

Send a Postcards to Quest Scouts Central! Not only will this help with the group objective, but we will really appreciate it! This is your chance to give us constructive feedback or simply say hi. We can't wait to hear from you! Note: If you want your postcard to count toward the group objective, make sure to check out the criteria first.

You can find our address here!

Postcards & Places - DIY - 250

Browsing the postcard carousel while on vacation is a time honored traveler's tradition. But how many of us make it a point to send postcards while not traveling? It doesn't usually make sense to send a "wish you were here" style momento while in our home towns. Instead, this objective challenges you to design your own postcards. 


1) Prepare your blank postcard(s). You can use our Quest Scouts exclusive DIY Postcards, cut a piece of cardstock to the correct dimensions or find another option. (Note: If you're expecting a January Scout Pack, you'll be receiving a set of our DIY postcards.)

2) Decorate! Use any medium you'd like to create at least three one of a kind postcards.

3) Take a photograph of your postcards and share them on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts and #Postcard. 




Group Objective - Postcards & Places - 500 Points

On the back of every Quest Scouts badge we print our guiding words, "LEARN, CREATE, CONNECT & DISCOVER." Every decision made at Quest Scouts Central works toward promoting at least one of these core values. Postcards & Places was designed to help you CONNECT with those around you. Unlike most quests, you won't be able to do this on you own! While you'll need to complete individual objectives, that won't be enough! 500 points are awaiting all Quest Scouts* when you, as a whole, fulfill the group objective by getting postcards from all 50 US states and 5 non-US countries into the Quest Scouts Central mailbox. Sink or swim, we're in this together!

*In order to collect the Group Points, a scout must complete at least one Postcards & Places individual objective before the quest expires. 

Group Objective:

Get 55 qualifying postcards into the Quest Scouts Central mailbox from all 50 US States and 5 unique Non-US Countries. You can find our address here.

Requirements: The postcard must have the name of the qualifying state in it's cover image AND be postmarked from that state

Map will be updated every Monday. Last updated 5/2.

Map will be updated every Monday. Last updated 5/2.

The following US States are still needed:


Zero non-US country is still needed! (Way to go Quest Scouts!)

Countries Received:

Sweden, England, Canada, Australia, Mexico, China, Grenada.