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What is Quest Scouts? 

Quest Scouts is a community dedicated to taking full advantage of what life has to offer. We believe that getting absorbed in our daily routine of "wake/work/relax/repeat" should be avoided whenever possible. Quest Scouts participate in monthly quests that help us LEARN, explore our CREATIVE sides, CONNECT with our communities and DISCOVER more of the world around us.

How do I complete quests?

Every quest has its own page. At the top of the page, you'll find a Quest Card similar to the card shown below.

Mission KS Magical.png

The Quest Card provides a summary of what you need to do in order to complete your quest. For example, in the quest above titled "Mission Kickstart," (available through 12/12/2014) you need 1500 points to complete your quest. Choose which objectives suit you best, and begin to complete them. 


Below the quest card (still on the webpage for the quest) you will find boxes for every objective available. Click on a box for a more detailed explanation of the objective.

Complete the tasks listed for the objective. When you've done all that was asked of you for that objective, the objective is complete.


Record the objectives you complete and the amount of points your receive in your badge book. Badge books are available starting February 1st through our Scout Store or upon checkout when you sign up for a membership. If you don't have a badge book, a notebook will also work! 

When you've earned the required amount of points, you've completed your quest! 

If you're collecting badges, place your sticky badge in your badge book in the appropriate spot to show you've completed your quest. Hang your tag badge with pride because you've earned it!


Monthly vs. Special Quests

In 2015, we will be releasing 16 quests.

The majority of quests are monthly quests. We release a new monthly quest each month (I bet you saw that coming,) each with its own theme. For instance, January’s quest was called All That Came Before, and was history themed.

We also provide “special quests,” which vary in themes and methods of completion. Our first special quest of 2015 is called the “Personal Quest,” and asks you to follow along with us as you complete a goal of your choosing.

How do I sign up?

Anybody can be a Quest Scout. If you take part in quests and want to be a Quest Scout then you are one! It's that simple. However, there benefits to becoming an official quest scouts member

All subscribing members receive:

-A Quest Card in PDF form 5 days before it is released online. This gives you a chance to plan any outings and gather supplies for upcoming objectives.

-Access to an exclusive, members only objective worth 50 points. 

In addition to the digital membership, members who subscribe to our Scout Pack memberships receive a Scout Pack in the mail each month which contains:

-A printed, 4x6 Quest Card.

-The previous month's badge ready for display. (Tag and/or sticky badge, depending on membership.)

-Periodic extra goodies including FREE special achievement sticky badges!