2015 Quests Revealed! (PLUS Membership and Badge Book Update)

Happy New Year Quest Scouts!

January 1st is always a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, and at Quest Scouts Central the new year is especially significant. Last year, we introduced Quest Scouts to the world in a small way. We offered two special quests, 31 Micro Quests & Mission: Kickstart.

With the confidence of two successful quests under our belt (Mission: Kickstart has expired, and 31 Micro Quests expires February 1st,) we are moving into the new year with our official launch! What does this mean? First, it means MORE QUESTS! Quest Scouts will plans to bring you twelve 2015 monthly quests and four special quests.

Announcing our 2015 Quests!

2015 Monthly Quests

All That Came Before (Now Active!)

Epic Proportions

Cardboard Adventure

Prism & Light

Park Explorer

Kingdom Plantae

Such Great Heights


Brush Strokes

On The Menu

Paper & Ink


2015 Special Quests

Personal Quest

Postcards & Places


Micro Quest BINGO


We’re excited to reveal these quests over the next year, and hope that you will join us! As always, participating in Quest Scouts is free. However, signing up for a membership (starting at $4.99) will help us to continue making Quest Scouts awesome. Members get a Scout Pack delivered to their door each month*, access to a monthly 50 point micro quest, and printer friendly quest cards.
*Scout Packs delivered to “Scout Pack” and “Scout Pack+” members only.

Badge Books

As many of you know, we ran a successful Kickstarter to raise funds to print our badge books! Our graphic designer is finishing up the details of the books now, and we’re on track to deliver them in February. The badge books will have a spot for every 2015 badge, as well as our two 2014 quests. Use one side of the book to record your points and other notes, and the other side to place your badge. If you missed your chance, don’t worry. You can currently pre-order a book while signing up for a membership.

That’s all for now! If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out All That Came Before, our history themed quest.