Micro Objective - Epic Proportions - 50



Take the time to contemplate where you'd like to be six months from now. (Think BIG!)


1) Gather supplies. You'll need a timer and writing materials. (This will work on a computer, but I personally prefer to use paper and a pen.)

2) Set your timer for 15 minutes.

3) Start your timer, and spend a full 15 minutes responding to the following prompt. Don't worry about perfection, just keep writing!

Where would I like to be six months from now? How would the "me" six months from now be different from my current self?


4) When your timer goes off, stop writing! Spend a few minutes looking over what you wrote. Was there a major theme running through your words? (Maybe several themes?)

5) In the comments below, share with us a single that came to you while doing this exercise. (Just one word! No more, no less.)

Also, make sure you save your notes. They could come in handy later.