H20 - Art - 300



Try your hand at watercolor painting.


1) Gather your supplies. In order to start watercoloring you'll need watercolor paints, a brush, watercolor paper (this is more absorbent than drawing paper and will make for a better experience) and, of course, water. 

2) Create!

We're leaving this objective wide open because watercoloring has a bit of a learning curve. If you've never watercolored before, start by making patterns. Explore what it's like to paint on wet vs. dry paper. If you're a little more advanced (or simply feeling adventurous,) you could try painting a still life, paint a skyline, or do something else entirely.

If you're feeling lost, there are a bunch of great tutorials on Youtube.

Note: The most important thing here is that you spend time with watercolors. In order to complete this objective you should spend at least an hour exploring the medium.

3) Take a photo of your favorite watercolor creation and share it on Instagram, Twitter, or in our Facebook Group. If posting to Instagram or Twitter, use the tag #QuestScouts. (As always, using a non-private account is best so we can see what you're up to!)