H20 - Travel - 300



Visit a waterfall.


1) Choose a waterfall to visit. Make it a good one! Keep in mind that smaller falls may be more likely to flow during later months, so you may want to plan to complete this objective during wetter months.

2) Visit the waterfall!

3) Make sure to take a photo while at the fall to document your visit.  Share your photo on Instagram, Twitter, or in our Facebook Group. If posting to Instagram or Twitter, use the tags with the tag #questscouts. (As always, using a non-private account is best so we can see what you're up to!)

4) Do your best to learn a bit about the geology of the waterfall.

Choosing a waterfall listed on geology.com's waterfall page (there are plenty to choose from) will help make learning about the waterfall's geography much easier.

Alternatively, geocachers know that choosing a waterfall connected to an earth cache will also help you learn about the fall's geology. 

5) In the comments below:

a) Tell us about your experience visiting the waterfall. How was the weather? Who did you go with? Did you enjoy your experience?

b) Describe the fall. What did it look like?Was it flowing or barely a trickle? 

c) Tell us what you learned about the geology of the waterfall? What type of fall was it? How was it formed? Where does its water come from?