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Head through a legitimately scary haunted house.


1) Identify a haunted house you find to be legitimately scary. The “legitimately scary” part is key here!

The purpose of this quest is to put yourself in a position to be truly scared within a safe environment. So, do a gut check with yourself. Imagine the moment when it’s your turn to walk through the haunted house. Is your heart racing? Are your hands sweating? Do you want to back out? If so, you’re ready to complete this objective. If not, please up the stakes.

For this objective you’ll most likely have to plan this ahead of time and wait for your opportunity, as obviously there are more opportunities for haunted houses in October than December.

2) Don’t back out! Enter the haunted house and be sure to make it out the other side.

3) Share a victorious photo of yourself post haunted house on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

5) In the comments below, describe your experience. What haunted house did you go to? Describe it! Are haunted houses “your thing” or did you have to work up your courage to go in? How scared were you? Would you ever do it again?