Making Cents - Literature - 150 each (450 max)

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Send a personalized message about Quest Scouts to someone you think might like to join us.


1) Take a few moments to think about the reasons you enjoy Quest Scouts. What is it about Quest Scouts that benefits your life?

2) Referencing the reasons why Quest Scouts has changed your life for the better, identify between one and three people you feel might also benefit from being a part of the Quest Scouts community. 

3) Quest Scouts can be a bit confusing for new people. They often don't understand how Quest Scouts will fit into their lives. For each person you identified, consider the best way to drop them a note. The more considerate you are here, the more likely the person will be to check out our community.

-Send them a Quest Scouts postcard
(If you've ordered badges from us, you've probably noticed our packaging doubles as a postcard!)
-Write a hand written letter
(We promise we won't tell your computer!)
While something hand written is preferable, if you think e-mail is the best way to go, do it!

4) Write and send! Write to your new recruits in whatever way you planned. Make sure to explain why you feel they should give Quest Scouts a try.

5) In the comments below, let us know how many people you reached out to, and what methods you used to reach out.

6) Thank you for being awesome! Collect 150 points per person you wrote to, up to 450 points.