Fowl Play - Visit - 300


Check out an aviary or feed/hold a bird at a zoo.


1) Identify an aviary OR a zoo with an aviary. An aviary is a large enclosure. For the purposes of this objective, the aviary should allow the public to enter the aviary, leaving no fencing between you and the birds. (There may be areas where you cannot walk, but there should be no cage between you and the birds.) While some aviaries stand alone, many are attached to zoos.

2) Travel to and enter the aviary! If the aviary allows you to feed or hold the birds, do it!

3) Take a photo of yourself while inside the aviary and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

4) In the comments below, describe your experience. Where did you go? Who did you go with? Describe the bird habitat within the aviary. What type of birds existed within the aviary? How close were you to the birds? Did you feed or hold the birds?