Notes - DIY - 250

There is something about sharing our music, that for some who consider themselves less musically talented, feels intimidating. If that's you, then we encourage you not to skip this objective. Do your personal best then share it with the world.


1) Create and record music.  This can be any self generated music, whether instrumental, vocal, or a combination.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your music is at least one minute long. (We know, that's a long time! Be brave- You can do it!)

2) Share your music with the Quest Scouts community by posting a link to it in the comments below.

Host the music anywhere you like. We suggest Youtube for video files, and Soundcloud for audio files. For some of you, this may be a learning experience. That's ok! Consider it part of your objective. (250 points is nothing to sneeze at!)

IMPORTANT: You have not completed this objective if you have not made your music accessible through a public link below. For most objectives, we're pretty loose about the posting requirements. This is not the case here. The purpose of the objective is as much the sharing as the creating.