Paneled - Literature - 100 each (500 max)

500 points for a single literature objective? It's a lot, but after all, this quest is about graphic novels! We want you to get out there and read some of what the comic book world has to offer.


1) Read at least one, and up to five, graphic novels or comic books. 

“Graphic novels tell a story using sequential illustrations. Unlike comic books, they are published in book format, can be fiction or non-fiction and usually tell a stand-alone story with a complex plot. Some graphic novels bring together a series of comics and are sometimes conceived as novels with similar features such as character development and multiple story lines.”

-National Library

The nitty gritty:

-If you read more than one book/novel, each should be from a new series and/or author. No overlap.

-There are no length requirement, but you are encouraged to choose more meaty over thin books. Ofter times single issue comics are        compiled into one book, allowing for a longer story to be told. Look for these. (They're usually 1cm + thick.)

-Each book is worth 100 points, up to 500 points. For example, if you read 3 books, record 300 points. 

Comics/Graphic novels can be found local library, bought at your local comic or traditional bookstore, or ordered on Amazon.

2) In the comments below, tell us which books you chose to read. Let us know which your favorite was, and whether or not you would recommend it to the Quest Scouts community.