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If you think comic book stores are a relic of the past, you're wrong. Not only are these stores going strong, they are the perfect place to check out what the world of comics has to offer you. Some of you will be old hat at the comic book store scene- if you are, this will be an easy objective! Others may be new to this. If you're feeling nervous about stepping through the front door, check out rapping artist Murs' tour of his favorite comic book shop. It may help remind you that comic books stores are, in fact, just stores! So go check one out!


1) Identify and visit a comic book store. For our purposes, a comic book store is a store that specializes primarily in comic books.

2) Visit the comic book store. Check out what they have to offer. Often times the staff at these stores are very knowledgeable about comics, so feel free to ask questions.

3) Take a photograph of yourself in front of or inside the comic you visited. Post the photo to Twitter or Instagram with the tags #QuestScouts and #Comics.