Press Your Luck - Games - 300


Sunny days are meant for the park! Grab some friends, grab some "lawn games" and head to your nearest grassy oasis. 


1) Head to a park with a prexisting horseshoe pit or set up a mobile version.

2) Review the rules.

You can do this using any resources you'd like. We found this blog post from The Stir to be helpful and easy to understand.

3) Play a game of horseshoes.

4) Take a photo of yourself and/or your friends playing the game and and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts and #Horseshoes.

Remember, if you post to a public Instagram or Twitter account with the tag #QuestScouts your photo will show up on our Scout Board for other Quest Scouts to view and interact with.

5) In the comments below, let us know how it went. Where did you play? Who did you play with? Did you use traditional metal horseshoes or an alternative created strictly for gameplay? Who won? Did you enjoy yourself?