Stellar - Research - 250



Use a star guide to identify constellations in the night sky.


1) Acquire a star guide. A star guide is a book or chart that helps you identify stars/constellations. Do your research to find out what will work best for you, but at Quest Scouts we’ve got our eyes on this book.

2) Location, location, location! If you live in a big city, don’t try this at home! City lights pollute your ability to see the night sky. Wait until you’re in a place relatively free of light pollution to attempt this objective.

3) Spend time looking for and identifying constellations. Remember, this research objective is worth a good amount of points, so take your time and be through!

4) Report back!

Where and when did you conduct your constellation finding adventure?
What did you use as your star guide?
What constellations were you able to identify?