Stellar - Visit - 300


Check out a piece of equipment that has previously been used in space travel.


1) Identify a location where you can view a piece of equipment that has been used in space. Do your best to make your outing as space focused as possible! If you’ve got a space museum within driving distance, PLEASE OH PLEASE go for that! We want you to have the most stellar experience possible. If you don’t have a museum dedicated to space, this objective will be a bit more tricky. In this case, find any location that will allow you to view at least one manmade artifact that has been used in space. Anything from a spaceship to an astronauts leftover dinner will work!

2) Travel to your space artifact(s).

3) Take a photo of yourself with the space artifact and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

4) In the comments below, describe your experience. Where did you go? Who did you go with? Did you have a good time? Describe the piece(s) of equipment you were able to view. What were they used for?