Small World - DIY - 300

Some may call it a terrarium, but isn't it more fun to think of it as your own,  tiny world? What type of world will you create?


Make your own "small world" in a bottle.


1) Gather your supplies! All terrariums are different, so supplies vary. Generally speaking, you'll need the following things:

A Clear Container: Traditional terrariums are sealed, but the definition has (debatably) loosened up over the years. 

Soil and Small Rocks: Layer the small rocks underneath the soil for drainage. Some people also add charcoal to their terrariums.

Moss: You can gather your moss from nature, but be warned- Often times gathering moss from the outdoors means your terrarium will end up harboring bugs. (There are some gross stories out there.) Alternatively, you can grow your own moss! 

Small Plant(s): In addition to moss, many people choose to add small plants to their terrarium. 

Mini Figurines: Adding "inhabitants" to your terrarium takes it from a plant vessel to a "small world." Check out this Star Wars themed terrarium, or this prehistoric terrarium, for inspiration.

2) Assemble your terrarium. If you need some guidance, start with these tutorials from Happy Co Lucky and Amanda Wang. It might also be helpful to check out an instructional book from your local library.

3) Take a photograph of your terrarium and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.