Small World - Literature - 150

When we read to a child we are given to tap into a genre we don't normally frequent as adults. As a bonus, we also help the young person develop a love for reading. So grab a book, grab a kid and get reading!


Read a children's book aloud to a small human. (Or to a kid at heart!)


1) Find a kid and a good place to read! Remember that even if you don't have any young people in your life, many schools and libraries host after school literacy programs that are often looking for volunteers. 

If you're unable to find a child to read to, you could also elect to read aloud to a kid at heart! (However, we strongly encourage you to find a young person.)

2) Read a book (or a chapter of a larger book) aloud to the child you chose.

3) After reading, write a book review with your co-reader. Together, answer the following questions in the comments below.

Book Review Questions:

-What book did you read? 

-Why did you choose that book?

-What did you like about the book?

-Is there anything you didn't like about it?

It might be helpful to describe a bit about your c0-reader/reviewer, such as age and likes/dislikes, as this could help other know if the review is applicable to the kids in their life!