On The Menu - Find - 200



Locate a food inspired geocache or letterbox and leave a recipe in the logbook.


1) Find a food inspired geocache or letterbox. 

Food related hides may be hidden in honor of a particular restaurant, to mark a great berry picking spot or as an ode to spaghetti! There are a ton of possibilities for this one.

2) Leave a recipe related to the hide in the logbook! For instance, if you find a geocache dedicated to an Italian Restaurant, provide your favorite Italian recipe. If you find a letterbox inspired by cheese, leave a cheese centric recipe. 

You can leave your recipe in the physical cache/box logbook and/or online when logging the cache/box.

3) Take a photo of your recipe and share it on Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook Group. If posting to Instagram or Twitter, use the tags #QuestScouts and #Geocaching/#Letterboxing. (As always, using a non-private account is best so we can see what you're up to!) 

4) Tell us about your experience making the find in the comments below! If applicable, include the geocache/letterbox number. Additionally, let us know what recipe you included in your log!