On The Menu - Research Micro Objective- 50


“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.”

-Earl Nightingale


Add an interesting food experience to your bucket list.


Some people call them "bucket lists," some call them "life lists," while others may call them something else entirely. Whatever you call it, a life list is a list of goals you'd like to accomplish over your lifetime. Our periodic "life list" micro quests inspire you to add items to your list.

1) If you don't have a life list, start one! You can start one online or on paper. Make sure that the format you choose will allow you to easily refer to your list in the future. If you've already got a life list, great! Pull it out and get ready to add to it.

2) Spend 5-10 minutes researching fancy, "once in a lifetime" food experiences.

Examples include:

-Dinner prepared at a far off destination. 
-Eating a rare delicacy.
-Preparing a 4 course meal cooked entirely with food you grew yourself. 

3) After doing a little bit of research, add the food experience to your life list.

4) Share what you added to your list in the comments below.