Park Explorer - Find - 250

An example of National Park stamps and park passport.

An example of National Park stamps and park passport.

Have you ever heard of National Park Cancellation Stamps? National Park Cancellation Stamps are available at almost every National Park in the United States. While less extensive, many of Canada's National Parks also have stamps. These rubber stamps sit at ranger stations and gift shops, and can be collected in an official passport book, in a blank notebook, or on a loose piece of paper. Collecting stamps over time allows you to create a log of your visits to some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

For this find objective, we're asking you to visit a National Park and attain a stamp. Whether you're a seasoned stamp collector or this is your first stamp, we hope that this will become a great excuse for you to visit a National Park before this quest expires. Summer is calling- are you ready for it?




Collect a national park cancellation stamp.


1) Travel to a location that contains a national park passport cancellation stamp.

US National Stamps (Any site on this list will fulfill this objective.)

Canadian Stamps

(If any of you stumble upon lists that include other countries, please send them our way.)

2) Stamp your passport! (A piece of paper or postcard can be stamped as well!)

3) Share a photo of your cancellation stamp on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your hide in our Facebook group.

4) Tell us about your experience visiting a park and attaining your stamp in the comments below. What park did you go to? What did you think of the park? What did you do while you were there?