Micro Objective - All That Came Before - 50



Order at least one photo print right now! 


Digital photos are AWESOME! We can take as many shots as we want to make sure we get just the right one AND we don't have to buy expensive film. However, there is a downside... When was the last time you held a photo in your hand? For some of you, it may have been yesterday. For the majority of us, it probably has been a while. Today's micro quest aims to change that.

1) Order at least 1 photo print right now. (Seriously, it won't take long, do it now!) It doesn't matter if you pick it up in store or it's delivered to your house, as long as you end up with a print in your hand.

2) That's it!


-Order from Picture Perfect. Their quality is the best we've found to date. 

-Try Printstagram, which prints your Instagram photos for you. How cool is that? 

-If anybody else has a suggestion, leave it in the comments below!