Micro Objective - All That Came Before - 50


Write a letter to your future self.


What if you could talk to the you that exists 10 years from today? What would you tell them? In 10 years, what you are doing today will be history. Preserve a bit of history for your future self by recording pieces of your daily life. Consider writing about your life now, your hopes for the future, and where you think the world will be in 10 years. 

1) Gather your materials. You could use stationary customized for this purpose, a website that promises to send your e-mail at the correct time, or simply use paper and an envelope. 

2) Write a letter to your future self. Clearly mark the letter as to be opened in 2025.

3) Arrange for that letter to be opened/read in 2025.

4) Comment below and let us know that you completed the objective.