Objective Spotlight: Poster Party!

Hi Quest Scouts!

As I'm writing this it is Thanksgiving morning. I am at home and still need to start making my mom's famous "once a year potatoes." I hope all of you are well fed, happy and surrounded by friends today. 

This is the first of many "objective spotlights." (If you can think of a better name than "objective spotlight," please let us know in the comments below!) Objective spotlights will be released here every week and will shine light on one or more objectives from currently active quests. We never ask you to complete quests that we wouldn't do ourselves, and are right here with you learning, creating, connecting and discovering. Check here every Thursday at 2:00 PST to see what we've been up to!

Mission: Kickstart- Craft

The photo is a little grainy but look at those happy faces! 

The photo is a little grainy but look at those happy faces! 


This objective asked you to help us spread the word about Quest Scouts through creating posters and hanging them in public areas. I decided it would be more fun to do this with a group, and invited my friends Maura, Kendra and Tyler (you'll be seeing a lot more of them) over for a "poster party." A couple beers and a lot of laughs later and our posters were done! Well, half done. We still need to put our posters up in order to collect our points. I'll be sure to post a photo on our Instagram when the objective is 100% complete! 

Have you completed this objective? If so, how was it? If not, do you plan to? Let us know in the comments below!

At some point this happened!

At some point this happened!



That's all for now!