Connect 2016 Issue 1: The Tale of the First Ever Quest Scouts T-Shirt (PLUS, Changes to Micro Quest you SHOULD know about!)

This issue of CONNECT was sent to our mailing list on January 7th, 2015. 

Hi Quest Scouts!
Gather round the digital hum of our collective computers as I tell you the story of how our Quest Scouts T-Shirts came to be.
Starting a few months ago, many of you began asking where they could buy a Quest Scouts T-Shirt to show off your affiliation. So, we went to work designing the shirt, and are happy to report that the first ever T-Shirts will be available starting January 18th! These shirts, available exclusively through our 2016 Kickstarter campaign, will be grey and feature our logo. The back of the neck will say "2016 Backer," serving as proud reminder that you helped Quest Scouts continue thriving in 2016.
Designing the shirt was the easy part. Finding a printer to do a small run of T-Shirts has been a bear! Our original quote for t-shirts meant that they would cost you $60! I asked you on Facebook, and several of you were willing for pay that much to help keep Quest Scouts going in 2016. Thank you! However, the price wasn't sitting well with our team. It just didn't feel right.
Why were the shirts so expensive? The short of it is that doing such a small run of shirts means we miss out on bulk order discounts. However, we've found a company that does something pretty unique. Instead of screen printing, they use a digital printer to print directly onto their t-shirts! This means that our cost per shirt is, while still not cheap, significantly lower.
I've ordered and received samples of the shirts, and while the printing is not a nice as a screen printed shirt, they're still very nice. On top of that, the T-Shirts themselves are soft and durable. I am satisfied with the shirts and I think you will be too. PLUS, if for some reason we end up selling more T-Shirts than we anticipated, we'll be able to upgrade to screen printing at little cost!
And that, my friends, is how your future T-Shirts came to be. The last part of the story involves you ordering a T-Shirt through out Kickstarter on January 18th. It is my hope that as many of you as possible will be there on day one of our Kickstarter campaign. (More on why that's important in next week's e-mail.)
The way we present micro quests has changed, and I don't want you to miss out! While more details will be released later, here's what you need to know for now.
1) Micro quests are now being released on our CONNECT page.
Yep. We've got a new page, and it's a good idea to visit it once a week. Why? For starters, we post at least one new micro quest there a week!
2) These micro quests don't last long!
Every micro quest posted on the CONNECT page has an expiration date. Most micro quests will last two weeks, while others may exists for a little more or less time. Don't miss them.
3) Collect your stars
While in the past micro quests have been assigned point values, most micro quests will now be worth between one and three stars. Why collect stars? We're not revealing that yet, but trust us- If you're into badges, you'll want to make sure to catch as many stars as you can.

4) Personal Quest

The first few micro quest of the year will help you come up with your Personal Quest! If you haven't checked out the Personal Quest yet, now is a great time to get started.

A Question for You

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Do you have any questions about Kickstarter?

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I hope to hear from you soon.


Best Wishes,

Dylan Waller
Founder of Quest Scouts
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