Time For Action (PRESENT)

Whew, ok- you haven't done anything to complete your quest yet, and there are only 14 days left to meet the challenge. You take a deep breath and steady yourself. Not only can you pull this off, but you're pretty sure you'll have a great time in the process. With such a short time window, you're going to need to commit some time on the weekend, and on week days as well, to get this thing done. You continue reading, and find a message from Quest Scouts. 

We know that getting started can be tough. In fact, that's why we created the Fresh Scout Challenge in the first place. We find that when we don't give ourselves deadlines for things that we enjoy, we don't get to do them as often as we like. That's why, at Quest Scouts, quests exist for a limited time. (Usually about 6 months.) The weekend leading up to the archival of a quest is always most active time! The fact that you're on this page, reading this, means that you're not opposed to deadlines... or at least you're willing to give this one a try.
You've got X days left to complete your first quest and complete the challenge. We suggest you mark your calendar so you don't miss it! You'll get an e-mail from us on that day, asking you if you were successful. (And YES, we do keep track of those who finish.)
There's not much time left, so get going! 
All the best,
Your Friends at Quest Scouts

You finish reading the message, and are inspired to complete the challenge. In fact, you think you'll get started right now!