On The Right Track! (PRESENT)

You've completed at least one objective toward your quest. (Nice! Yeah, you're pretty great.) If you've completed one objective, you know you can complete more. You can almost taste your 1,000 point victory at this point. You continue reading along in your adventure and find a message from Quest Scouts. 

Congratulations on your progress thus far! We're happy to have you here, and hope you're enjoying yourself.
You've got X days left to complete your first quest and complete the challenge. We suggest you mark your calendar so you don't miss it! You'll get an e-mail from us on that day, asking you if you were successful. (And YES, we do keep track of those who finish.)
There's not much time left, so make sure to keep going. You can do this!
All the best,
Your Friends at Quest Scouts

You finish reading the message, and are inspired to complete the challenge. In fact, you think you'll get going right now!