So Close Yet So Far (PAST to PRESENT)

You opened the e-mail, read the challenge, and decided NOT to commit to completing your first quest just yet. You closed the message, and for the most part, forgot all about Quest Scouts. Maybe it's for you, maybe it isn't. You wouldn't really know, as you haven't given it much of a shot yet. A tiny, nagging, yet almost unnoticeable feeling has been sitting in the back of your mind. 

A new e-mail from Quest Scouts pops up, and you're at least interested enough to give it an open. Choose your own adventure, eh? Ok, why not? You click through to the adventure, and admit you did not commit to the challenge. Wah, wah. 

'But wait', you think. 'The challenge isn't over yet. There are still X days left.' Things get kinda meta, as the choose your own adventure is at this point reading your mind. Creepy. You shrug it off, and read the next question. 

There are X days left to complete the Fresh Scout Challenge. Will you commit, right now, to choosing a standard quest and earning 1,000 points toward it by the time your challenge ends?